How to access Web Admin with Rising Storm 2

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Hello, in this article we will outline how to connect your Game server to the Rising Storm Web Admin! This is needed to make changes to the server. Changing settings on your server is the most important thing. After all, why else rent a server besides the fact to make it your own? There are a few steps to get through this process. We will provide pictures and be as clear as possible to make it easy, and fast.

How do i connect my server to the Web Admin?

Please do the following:

  • Navigate to your Rising Storm Web interface
  • Stop your server and wait 3- 5 minutes for it to stop completely.
    RS2 Stop.png
  • Navigate to your "Config Files" located on the left had side and navigate to the tab labeled "ROWeb.ini"
  • Under "[IpDrv.WebServer]" locate "bEnable=false" and change it to "bEnable=True"
    RS2 enable.png
  • Be sure to save your changes and restart the server. Once the server is started it will be connected to the Rising Storm Web Admin.

How do i login to the Web Admin for my Server?

  • Navigate to your WebBrowser and open a new tab.
  • Take the Ip address of your server along with the Rising Storm Web Admin connect port (:8080) and add this to your URL search bar.
    RS2 url.png
    • Your IP address can be found on the dashboard of your web interface on the left-hand side.
      RS2 IP.png
  • A proper search for your server ip and web admin port :8080 will bring you to the Login page for the web admin.

  • The credentials used are as follows:
    • Username: Admin
    • Password: Located in the "[ROGame.ini]" under [Engine.AccessControl] locate AdminPassword=
    • Remember: This is the time that the session is available for use without needing the credentials again.
  • After logging in you will now be able to make changes to your server! Please see the article How to customize to your Rising Storm 2 Server to learn more about making changes.
    RS2 WebAdmin.png