How to Become Admin in Squad

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How to Become Admin

1. Enter the web interface of your server and stop it, then click on the option File Explorer found in the menu Tools for 2. Edit the configuration file Admins.cfg located in the following path "squad / SquadGame / ServerConfig /" for First add the group Admin and add the type of access they will have, then you will assign the players that will be in the group.
// Group

Group = Admin: Administrators Access


Admin = SteamID: Admin

For example

Group = Admin: change map, balance, chat, kick, ban, cameraman, pause

// Administrators

Admin = 1234567XXXXXXXXXX: Admin

Admin = 7654321XXXXXXXXXX: Admin

3. Once you have configured the groups to the corresponding users, click on the Save Changes button and start your server.


Valid access levels are as follows:

  • startvote - Not used
  • change map
  • pause - Pause the server game
  • cheat - Use server cheat command
  • private - Password protected server
  • balance - Group Ignore the balance of the server team
  • chat - admin chat and server broadcast
  • kick
  • prohibition
  • config - Change server configuration
  • cameraman - Admin spectator mode
  • immunity - Cannot be kicked from the server
  • manageserver - Shutdown server
  • featuretest - Any feature added for testing by the development team
  • reserve - Reserve a space on the server
  • demos - Record demos (doesn't work)
  • debug - Show admin statistics command and other debugging information
  • teamchange - No time limits on team change
  • forceteamchange - You can use ForceTeamChange command
  • canseeadminchat - This group can see admin chat and teamkill / admin-join notifications