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What does it bring me
Admin rights are the "absolute rights" on a Battlefield 4 server. With the Admin rights one is able to execute every RCON command. In order to become an admin it is only necessary to install the Procon layer.
= Alternatives=
Alternatively, you can read our tutorial on AdKats (an extended admin plugin). (For more advanced users, this plug-in does not provide direct access to the RCON console from the game, so I recommend to finish the tutorial until after creating the account.)
This is how
The pictures on the right are once again illustrative.
Now it is explained step by step how to create an Admin account in Procon.
== Preparation ==
Open the web interface of your Battlefield 4 Gameserver and open the Procon Layer tab and install it if you have not already done so. There you will also find a download link for the Procon Client. Once you have downloaded it, you can open it and connect to the server using the data in the Web Interface on the Procon Layer tab. Once the connection is established, open the server and click on the "Parent Control Layer" tab. From there you change into the subtab accounts.
== Create account ==
There you have to create a new user, which you edit afterwards (the name of the user must match your in-game Battlefield name). Now you only have to give the user all rights. Of course, you can not assign all rights to the user (eg if you want to give your friend only a few rights). All rights for a full access are shown in one of the enclosed pictures. Now you only have to confirm your changes. Now if you have given him all rights, you will see in the account selection that you have "full" rights. This means that you can do everything you can do with the plugins and the RCON console.
== Plugins ==
Now we come to plugin this probably will be the easiest. For the basic ingame command I would recommend the preinstalled but still deactivated plugin "In-Game Admin". If you do not have the functionality, you can look at the AdKats plugin! To this plugin there is already a tutorial here in the forum. Now you only have to restart the Procon layer in the web interface and you're done.
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