How To Connect To A Risk of Rain 2 Server

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Rent your own server for Risk of Rain 2 now in Nitrado

In this guide, we will show you how to connect to your Risk of Rain 2 server.

Method 1 (Find your server in-game)

  • To find your server you will first have to assign a name to it. Go to the Web Interface' of your server and in the general settings change the Servername.

Ror2 servername.jpg

  • Open your game and select the option "Multiplayer"

Ror2 multiplayer.jpg

  • Select the option "Join Multiplayer Game"

Ror2 Joinmultiplayer.jpg

  • In this section you will search for your server. The filters that will help you to find it more easily are the following:
    • Password-Protected: If your server does not have a password, disable this option.
    • Maximum Capaciy: Select the total number of players for your server.
    • Show Started Games: If this is the first time you play on your server, disable this option.
    • Sort by Name: This causes the list to be displayed alphabetically..

Ror2 filters.jpg

  • In our case we are looking for the Nitrado Test Z1''' server of '4 slots,' completely new. We can see that the server appears in the list without problems.

Ror2 servertest.jpg

And done! You have found your server, now just hit Join Server' and enjoy the game.

Please note that the Risk of Rain 2 servers do not respond to Steam's Query, so you will have to search for it directly in the game.