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GGC is a free online streaming service for all Battlefield servers using Punkbuster. This service serves to identify cheaters and ban them permanently as well as globally and thus improve the playing experience of all.

Why GGC?

The normal Punkbuster software warns cheaters with a simple kick, while GGC ensures the cheater is permanently and globally banned, similar to the Valve VAC protection. This reduces the chance vehement to connect the cheater to the server and cause disaster. If a player is cheated by Punkbuster or another anti-cheat software, his GUID is set to the GGC Ban list and he is permanently banned on all servers that use GGC.

Recommended settings for PunkBuster


PB_SV_AutoSs 1 
PB_SV_SsFloor 1 
PB_SV_SsCeiling 1000 
PB_SV_SsCmd "" 
PB_SV_SsWidth 800 
PB_SV_SsHeight 408 
PB_SV_SsXpct 50 
PB_SV_SsYpct 1 
PB_SV_SsSrate 2 
PB_SV_SsDelay 60 
PB_SV_AutoSsFrom 60 
PB_SV_AutoSsTo 500 

Register Server at GGC

Create a GGC account

To connect your server to the GGC network, you need a GGC account. This can be created via their official website. Just click on the "Register" button. If the site is not in English, simply click on the USA flag, which is shown in the upper right corner to display the page in English.

Register the server

To do this, log on to the website using the GGC account you created in the previous step and select the "Register server" option.

Register Gameserver
Value Explanation
Show server public This indicates whether or not your server should be displayed in the publicly visible server list of GGC.
MD5 Check Activates the MD5 tool, which requests the checksum of the game files of connected players and thus identifies possible cheat programs.
Show Advertisements GGC displays a message on your server in intervals you specify, which indicates that the server is protected by GGC.
Show banned Cheaters GGC sends a Livestream of identified and banned cheaters to your server, which is displayed as messages for all players.
Autoupdate Anticheat GGC will automatically keep your PunkBuster up to date, this is recommended.

As a game you enter the game used on your server. The server name can be selected by you as desired. IP and port should be that of your server, taking into account that the server's join port is used, is not the Rcon or Procon port.

Configure Server for GGC

Next, in the Web Interface of the Gameservers under "Settings" enable the two options "activate Punkbuster?" And "GCC Stream". Then save your new settings and restart the server. After a successful restart, the server should also start GGC within 2 minutes. [File: GGC Settings Anticheat.png | right | thumb | 300px | Gameserver Settings]

Check if the server is connected to GGC

On the main page of GGC you will see a small listing of your servers in the left bar. The color of the dot before the server name indicates its status.

  • Red means that the server is currently offline or not streaming.
  • Blue means that the GGC Master Server is currently unavailable.
  • Yellow means the server is online and streaming, but Punkbuster is managed.
  • Green indicates that the server is online and there is nothing to complain about.