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[[Category:Characteristic configuration]]
[[Category:Characteristic configuration]]
[[es:Configurar por primera vez un servidor de SCUM]]

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Hello, here you will learn how to get started with your SCUM server.

Where to Start?

  • Navigate to the Web interface of your server: How to Access your webinterface
  • Go to Settings>General on the left hand side bar of your interface.
  • Set your Server Name and password if you would like one
  • Below, you will find additional settings to alter your game server.
    • Change the values within the box to alter the multiplier.
    • Some settings you will need to check the box to turn a setting on.
  • Save your changes
  • Restart your server for changes to take effect.

Connecting to a SCUM server

With SCUM, you can connect using the name, or IP of your server.

For information on how to connect see: