Fast-Download Webspace for Killing Floor

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To a Fast Download Server set for Killing Floor is necessary to observe a few steps . What steps exactly I Listed here for you :

Server.ini device

In the Server.ini you have to submit the following:


Please consider submitting this course according to a link for your fast download servers . It is important that here the order structure is observed " / killing floor / maps / "

== == Means Fast Download

Created here one name folder "killing floor" . In this please once again create a folder name " Maps " . In the folder " maps" are later uploaded the cards .


Killing Floor requires a particular file format for use with a fast download server. The so-called ".uz2" file format. The Heist, it is necessary to convert all the cards in this format.

We can convert the cards in this format, but we need a program. Here you can watch for free download such a program.

Now please click on "Browse File" and select the map which is on the server Fast Download. Then press "Compress" and a little patience. Now emerges a window confirming the action. The new compressed map can be found in the same directory to save her before the map have also selected. The original file is still present, so noted therefore that her file with the extension ".uz2" on the Fast Download inserts.

Closing Remarks

Noted that the .rom the Map file inserts the originals on the actual server in the "Maps" folder and adds the appropriate card in the Maplist. The maplist you can edit on the "UweB" web interface. Comment on this web interface is found at Nitrado in the web interface under the menu item "Killing Floor Settings".

Now downloading map should work even more quickly. For questions regarding the configuration you please apply our support forum or support ticket.