Farming Simulator 2013 Problem Treatment

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Server is lagging

If the server is lagging, it is recommended to disable the modifications because they are often the trigger.

Invisible vehicles/objects

Some vehicles or objects (trailers, plow, ...) are on the map, but invisible. This error is caused by incorrect modifications. ....But there is a solution!: These are often difficult to detect with several installed modifications. The best way to find out which modification needs to be disabled is to make a backup of the savegame and disable one modification at a time.

SQL: disk I/O error

  1. Stop the server in the Farm Simulator Web Interface
  2. Stop the server in the Nitrado Web Interface
  3. Start the server in the Nitrado Web Interface
  4. Start the server in the Farm Simulator Web Interface

Farming simulator Web interface not available

Solution: Restart the server via the Nitrado Webinterface.

  1. Navigate to your Nitrado Webinterface
  2. Stop your server
  3. Start your server

Uploading your own savegames failed

Solution: The XML documents must be visible when the archive is opened. These documents may not be placed in any other folder.
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