FAQ in San Andreas: Multiplayer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did I configure my server? This guide introduces the general configuration of a SA-MP server.


The file Server.cfg is where the main configuration of a SA-MP server is located. The most important settings are made there. If you want to change something, first stop your server, and at the end you must restart the server for the changes to take effect.

Open the web interface of your SA-MP server and select the option File Explorer ", go to the folder "samp"and there look for the file "Server.cfg" and click on it to edit it.

Configuration explanation:

  • rcon_password MyPassword - (This is your administrator password. Anyone who logs into SA-MP with "RCON" will have full rights and can even stop the server!)
  • hostname TheNameOfMyServer - (The name of the server that is displayed on the SA-MP client).
  • lanmode off/on - (The lanmode was specially developed for playing over the LAN. However, many "online functions" cannot be used).
  • gamemode 0 grandlarc 1 - (The name of your game mode (your PAWNO script) should be here.)
  • filtercripts test - (Filter scripts are self-executing scripts. However, they must be activated in the game mode script. Any number of filter scripts can be used)
  • query 1 - (So that your gameplay is always up to date, and you can't use all the commands just once, a "query" is required)
  • weburl www.sa-mp.com - (The web address that is shown to the client of your server).
  • maxnpc 0 - (Number of computer controlled opponents (NPC). ATTENTION! Too many NPCs cause the game to lag. A value greater than 2 is not recommended)
  • onfoot_rate 40
  • incar_rate 40
  • Weapon_rate 40
  • stream_distance 300.0 - (The radius into which the other players and items are charged).
  • stream_rate 1000
  • maxplayers 40 - (The maximum number of players that can join on your server)
  • bind - (Modify the server IP)
  • bindIP - (Modify the server IP)
  • puerto 7777 - (Modify the server port. 7777 is the default port).