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[[Category:Project Zomboid]]
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How do I become Admin?

First, the server must be stopped. Then in the web interface under "Zomboid Player" on "Add". Now the option is to add either an admin or a moderator, or also to ban a player. Then restart the server and enter the appropriate username in the game. The password of the user must be inserted under "Server password". Now simply click on "Joinen" and you spawnt as admin or moderator.

How to start a new world?

Access the file browser via FTP. Under / zomboid / profile / Zomboid / Multiplayer / is a folder named "servertest". When you delete it, a new world is started. After this, the server should be restarted. In doing so, only a world reset is made to maintain the spawns of the still alive players. (As of 03.07.2014)

Can I install mods on my server?

Currently, this is not possible because all mods are not compatible with servers. In the future however the installation of Mods is to be made possible. (As of 03.07.2014)

Can I make settings like Loot Spawn or day and night length?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to make these settings regarding Loot Spawn or day and night long. (As of 03.07.2014)