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When entering I always spawn at the farm

This was defined by the developers of the 2013 Farming Simulator. Therefore, when entering the server, the player always spawns at the farm.

Was the correct matchmaking server selected?

Germany, Europe, International

Has the game language been selected correctly?

The "play language" can be set in the filter. This must match the game language of the server. It is recommended to set the setting to "All languages".

Is the latest beta patch installed?

In order for the server to be visible in the game, the latest patch must be installed. Download Farming-Simulator.com.

Is the server started in the FS Web Interface?

Log on to Nitrado.net, select "My servers" and go to the server "Webinterface Login". Then click on "Webinterface" again in the Farm Simulator menu to get into the special interface of the server. There the server can be explicitly stopped or started again.

Increase memory for modifications

The memory of modifications can be increased via a server upgrade. For example, a "publicserver" must be increased to a "publicserver advanced", so that more storage space is available.

How can I play a Gameserver on a Farm Simulator 2013?

In order to be able to play a Gameserver on an farming simulator 2013 the Beta-Patch is needed.

How do I become an administrator on my server?

To do this, press "U" (default) for the administration menu. Then the password for the administrator has to be entered, which can be read out in the web interface.

Multiple administrators can be logged on to the server at the same time.

Where can I activate the DLCs (e.g., Ursus)?

The DLCs in the Farm Simulator 2013 Game servers are installed by default and can be activated or deactivated like mods on the start page of the web interface.

Please note: Each person must install the additional DLCs on their own PC (clients).

What is a savegame?

In the Savegame, the current score (money, machines, etc.) is saved. Savegames can be transferred from the single-player mode to the server and back.