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Frequently Asked Questions

Configuration files

All Squad configuration files can be found in the web interface under "Settings" -> "Configuration Files" or in the file browser at / squad / Squad / Config / ServerConfigs.

Become Squad admin (Admins.cfg)

All groups, as well as server administrators, can be edited in this file. A group can be assigned different permissions which you can find here. To assign a player to a group, you need the Steam64 ID.

Group = SuperAdmin: changemap, cheat, private, balance, chat, kick, ban, config, cameraman, debug, pause
Group = Admin: changemap, balance, chat, kick, ban, cameraman, pause
Group = Moderator: changemap, chat, kick, ban

Admin = 76561115695178: Moderator // Player 5
Admin = 8915618948911: Moderator // Player 4
Admin = 7894591951519: Admin // Player 3
Admin = 7984591565611: SuperAdmin // Player 2
Admin = 917236241624: SuperAdmin // Player 1

Bans in Squad (Bans.cfg)

Ban is only allowed through in-game command. If a ban has been activated, it is logged here with the player's Steam64 ID, including timestamp and reason.

76561198039509812: 0 // Permanent ban for cheating
7862895148978485: 1454455855 // team killing


In this file, the server is verified as an official Squad server. This file should not be modified under any circumstances.

Rotating maps in Squad (MapRotation.cfg)

The order of the cards can be specified in this file.

Fool's Road
OP First Light

Rcon in Squad (Rcon.cfg)

Currently there is an Rcon functionality in Squad but there is no Rcon tool


The rest of the server configurations can be done in this file.

ServerName = "Squad Dedicated Server" // Specifies the name of the server
MaxPlayers = 40 // Specify the maximum number of players (cannot be changed)
NumReservedSlots = 0 // Specifies the number of reserved spaces
IsLANMatch = false // Specifies if only players on the same network can connect (should not be changed)
ShouldAdvertise = true // Indicates if the server should be shown in the official list
NumPlayersDiffForTeamChanges = 3 // Indicates the difference required for the team change
AllowTeamChanges = true // Indicates if team changes are allowed
PreventTeamChangeIfUnbalanced = true // Indicates if team changes are allowed when teams are unbalanced
EnforceTeamBalance = true // Indicates if automatic team balancing is active
RejoinSquadDelayAfterKick = 180 // Specifies the recovery time to rejoin a squad after a kick in seconds
AllowCommunityAdminAccess = true // Specifies if administrators can login
RecordDemos = false
ServerMessageInterval = 300 // Specify the server message interval in seconds


In this configuration file it is possible to create your own server messages. Note that a new line must be used for each additional message.