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Frequent Asked Questions

How to use Procon?

Procon works to set additional settings for your server, which cannot be set in the web interface (for example, plugin management). Procon layer communicates directly with the game. To use the Procon layer, you need to download the client software Procon.

1. Stop your server

2. To enable Procon on the server, go to the Tools menu within your web interface and select the option Manage Procon Layer located on the left side of your interface then click on the button Install.


3. When it has finished installing, the connection details will appear. After this start your server.

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4. Run Procon on your PC, a button called Create Connection will appear in the main window, click on it.


5. Enter the credentials that previously appeared on your server's web interface and click on Connect.


6. Click on the server and make the settings you want.


Is it necessary to do the RAM upgrade on the server?

When using a lot of Plugins or a large map, additional RAM can improve performance and prevent server crashes. RAM can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. RAM is chosen exclusively for some games. In most cases the default RAM is sufficient.


How do I change the map selection in Battlefield 4?

Within the web interface of your server, there is an option called Map Management in the Settings menu, there you can add maps to the list with their respective game modes as you wish. Remember to always stop your server before adding or removing a map from the list and finally save the changes.


How can I kick a player off my Battlefield 4 server?

Only their name is required to ban a player. Go to the option Ban List in the Tools menu. There is a text box where you can enter the "User Name" and the "Reason", keep in mind that the reason for the ban will appear as a message to the player you sent off. Once you enter the name, click the add button and the player will be banned, this can be done while the server is started. If you wish to remove a player from the ban list, simply press the button located on the right side of his name called "Remove".

How do I reserve a slot on my Battlefield 4 server?

You can manage your reserved slots from the option Reserved Slots in the Tools menu of your Web Interface. You can add and remove players from the reserved slot list. If a player is on the list, they can join the server even if it is full, a random player will be kicked after joining.