Expert Mode for ARK Servers

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Here you will learn general information regarding Expert mode with your Nitrado ARK server.

Things your should know about Expert Mode

  • This is advanced configuration. You edit your files at your own risk!!
  • Your server must be stopped to make changes.
  • Some settings or configurations may not appear. This may be because you need to add them manually. You can find a list of commands and where they go here:

How do you activate Expert Mode?

  • Navigate to the Web interface of your server
  • Stop your server and wait 3-5 minutes
  • Go to Settings>General
  • Check the box and activate Expert Mode


  • Save changes and an Expert Settings option now shows under settings

NOTE: Your server must be stopped to make changes.

  • Start your server to apply this change before making any other configuration changes.

Making Changes:

  • Stop your server and wait approximately 2-5 minutes.
  • Open expert settings and select the file you wish to alter from the drop down menu
    • Gameini.png
  • Load the file
  • Once loaded you will need to make the changes you want to make:


  • Save Changes
  • Start your server and the changes will be applied