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Essentials - Core
Servermod: Bukkit‎
Category: Administration tool
Developer: Essentials Team
Developer Website:
Description: Basic administration tool
Features: Opens up many possibilities.
Download: -



With the Nitrado-Webinterface

If you aren't in the webinterface already, go to "My Services->Gameserver->Webinterface Login"
Then you have to navigate to "Minecraft->Plugins->Avaible Plugins->Essentials.jar->Install"

Without the Nitrado-Webinterface

Go to the DevBukkit project site and download the plugin which uses your server version.
Now you have to upload the plugin to the plugins folder in your server folder. You can do this by using the FTP server which is explained here.


Path: /minecraftbukkit/plugins/Essentials/config.yml

   announce-format: '&dWelcome {DISPLAYNAME}&d to the server!'

Should we announce to the server when someone logs in for the first time? If so, use this format, replacing {DISPLAYNAME} with the player name. If not, set to

 spawnpoint: newbies

When we spawn for the first time, which spawnpoint do we use? Set to "none" if you want to use the spawn point of the world.

 kit: tools

Do we want to give users anything on first join? Set to to disable This kit will be given regardless of cost and permissions, and will not trigger the kit delay.

 respawn-listener-priority: high

Set this to lowest, if you want Multiverse to handle the respawning. Set this to high, if you want EssentialsSpawn to handle the respawning. Set this to highest, if you want to force EssentialsSpawn to handle the respawning.

 respawn-at-home: false

When users die, should they respawn at their first home or bed, instead of the spawnpoint?