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Servermod: Bukkit/Spigot
Category: Minigame (fun)
Developer: BtoBastian
Developer Website: Link
Description: Allows the creation of spleef arenas
Features: Supports lobbies, several game modes (BowSpleef, Splegg, etc.)

and provides comprehensive statistics

Download: Link

What's EpicSpleef
EpicSpleef is a plugin based on the spleef minigame. It allows to create arenas and supports multiple gamemodes. If you don't know what spleef is you can find a great description >here<.


Step 1 - Download EpicSpleef
First of all have to download EpicSpleef. The current version of EpicSpleef can be found here.

Schritt 2 - Install EpicSpleef
Now you have to stop the server. If the server has been shut down put the "EpicSpleef-X.X.X.jar" file into the /plugins folder. Now you have to start the server again. A folder called "EpicSpleef" should be created.

You're done

Configuring the config.yml

Directory: /minecraftbukkit/plugins/EpicSpleef/config.yml

  languagefile: language.yml

languagefile - The name of the languagefile.

  check: true
  update: true
  unsafeUpdates: false

check - If you don't want to check for available updates, you have to set "check" to false.
update - Should new versions automatically be downloaded and installed?
unsafeUpdates - Should "unsafe" updates be installed? If this is set to false it will only check and download an update if the versions of your server and the plugin fits (e.g. a plugin version for Minecraft 1.8.1 won't be installed on a server for 1.7.9, a plugin version for Minecraft 1.8.1 WILL be installed on a server for 1.8.0, cause this ignores the 3rd digit).

  - '&a&lWins'
  - '%wins%'
  - '&1'
  - '&c&lLosses'
  - '%losses%'
  - '&2'
  - '&6&lPoints'
  - '%points%'
  - '&3'
  - '&a&lTotal Wins'
  - '%totalWins%'
  - '&4'
  - '&c&lTotal Losses'
  - '%totalLosses%'

You can configurate the lines of the scoreboard. Blank lines must be filled with different color codes (eg "&1"). %value% will be replaced with the corresponding value of the player's statistics.

      1: '&l&9%arena%'
      2: '&2JOINABLE'
      3: '%players% / %maxPlayers%'
      4: '&aClick to join'
      1: '&l&9%arena%'
      2: '&4FULL'
      3: '%players% / %maxPlayers%'
      4: 'Countdown: &c%countdown%'
      1: '&l&9%arena%'
      2: '&4IN GAME'
      3: '%players% / %maxPlayers%'
      4: '&aClick to spectate'
      1: '&l&9%arena%'
      2: '&cDISABLED'

waitingForPlayers - The look of the join sign if players can join.
full - The look of the join sign if the arena is full.
inProgress - The look of the join sign if the game is in progress.
disabled - The look of the join sign if the arena is disabled.

  enable: true

enable - Should statistics be enabled?

      corePoolSize: 1
      maximumPoolSize: 1
      keepAliveTimeInMilliSeconds: 0

This settings are for experts only. If you don't know what they mean, don't change anything!

Create an arena

Step 1 - Teleport to the arena's world
First, you have to teleport to the world of the arena.

Step 2 - Create the arena
Type/spleef create <NameOfArena> to create the backbone. <NameOfArena> should be replaced with the name of the arena.

Step 3 - Add a floor
You need to add a floor for the arena. There are several options available to do this:

  1. Using WorldEdit
    You can add a floor using WorldEdit. Select the floor and type /spleef addBlocks <NameOfArena> worldedit.
  2. The floor you are standing on
    An easier way to add the floor is the command /spleef addBlocks <NameOfArena> standingOn. This will add the floor you are standing on to the arena using a flood fill algorithm.
  3. The floor you are looking at
    The same as "standingOn", but not adding the floor you are standing on, but the floor you are looking at. Type /spleef addBlocks <NameOfArena> lookingAt.

Multiple floor levels are allowed.

Step 4 - Add spawnpoints
Now you have to add the spawnlocations. Just type /spleef addSpawnloc <NameOfArena> to create an arena at the location you are standing on.

Step 5 - Enable the arena
Finally you have to enable the arena. Just type /spleef setValue <NameDerArena> enabled true.

You're done!

About this Article

This tutorial is based on plugin version : 0.0.8
This tutorial was translated by: BtoBastian This tutorial was translated on: 31.01.2015
This tutorial was originally created by: BtoBastian This tutorial was originally created on: 27.01.2015
Last updated by: BtoBastian Last update on: 31.01.2015