Enable Server Admin Log for ARK: Survival Evolved Server

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Enable Server Admin Log

The server Admin Log can be activated on the Nitrado Web Interface under Settings. In the "Admin-Log" section, there are two options available:

  • Enable Admin-Log
    • This checkbox activates the admin log
  • Game Log Buffer
    • This field defines the number of lines the admin log will hold

After the Admin Log has been enabled, you can check these via an RCON tool.

Evaluate the Server Admin Logs

With an RCON tool, (eg. Arkon) you can evaluate the Admin Logs. This requires the command "getgamelog" in RCON. Afterwards, the log file will be output.

As an alternative method, the logs can be accessed through the file browser on the web interface, or through FTP in this directory: arkse / Shooter Game / Saved / Logs

Keep in mind that this log is updated roughly every 5 minutes. The most recent entries will be output in the RCON.