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This is general information and is not recommended for legal assessments!
Contact your lawyer or attorney if there is a real concern.


Over and over users are threatened and enjoy their servers only with fear of the "bad people" on the internet. They want to show off, they want to destroy your server, they want to sue someone, and on and on and on...
These are almost always just empty threats that can be ignored. If anyone could actually get to you in some way, you should be able to notice.
We detail in the following text several scenarios and analyze how big of a pickle you are in.

Nitrado Support agent would like to receive money from you

From time to time, someone impersonating Nitrado support will stop by your server and demand money. If you haven't paid, your server wouldn't be online. We can promise you: Never will a Nitrado employee visit your server unless you have submitted a support request. Nitrado operates on a PREPAID BASIS, so you will never be forced to pay Nitrado. If an attempt to deceive Nitrado is made, services will be terminated, but only in the event that the deception was not illegal.

Someone wants to "hack" your server

This is almost impossible. Clearly, there are crackers, who may TRY to access your server, but crackers are mostly interested in their endeavors for economic reasons. There are White-/Grey- and Blackhats, but you will find more information about that in the Wiki Article General Security.
Ergo: Because it is not actually your server, there is nothing a cracker can do to extort you.
And sure, there are the little script kiddies who find someone else's script, use it successfully once, and claim to be a "hacker". It is most likely that your server has not been cracked, but rather an exploit has been abused.

Server unreachable because of a (D)DoS attack

There are methods of causing a server to be unreachable. However, the Nitrado Game Servers are equipped to defend such attacks. A DDoS attack is an attempt to flood the network your server is on. This occurs when someone is spamming senseless inquiries to your server. Because the server does not have a brain, it cannot distinguish between meaningfull packets and those that are just junk.
You can always tell the server to reject inquiries from that address, but a DDoS is always performed with multiple computers that can sometimes number into the thousands.
Long story short, Nitrado is prepared for these types of things.
More about this in General Security.

I have your IP and I will report it

In cases such as these, assuming you have done nothing illegal, a simple "Do it" can thwart would be tough-guys. Most times this just ends up being a scare tactic, and nothing ever occurs.


This should not be considered legal advice. This information is provided off experience and our own knowledge. If you have a more exotic example, require clarification, or you are still afraid you may be sued/indicted/hacked/etc, please create a Thread on the Nitrado Board :)