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[[Category: Rend]]
[[Category: Rend]]
[[es:Conectarse a un servidor de REND]]

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Rend banner.png
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Hello, here you will learn how to connect to your Rend Game server

Where to Start?

  • Navigate to your Nitrado Web interface
  • Stop your server
  • Got to your "General -> Settings"
    • Change the server name
  • Save changes and restart
  • Start Rend
  • On the server browser, select the proper filters
    • These filters will co-relate to your server settings
      Server filter.png
  • Type and search for your server name
  • Click on the "Connect" option

With the "Server types" you can decide between an official server, a private server or if the EasyAntiCheat function is activated and if the server has a password.

In "Game modes" you have to choose between "Standard" or "Conquest" game mode.

You can use the search field "Find" to enter the name of the server and search for it explicitly. After you have entered the name, press the button "Apply", now the server is shown in the list.

Serverlist Result.png

In this example, the server has stored a password. Click on the server name, after which you will receive the message in the lower right corner of the image stating that a password is required (Password required).

Enter the password stored in the field "Server password". With the button "Add to favorites" you can save the server to your favorites list.

To join the server press the button "Join the server".