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[[Category: Issue dayzxb]]
[[Category: Issue dayzxb]]
[[Category: Characteristic lagging]]
[[Category: Characteristic lagging]]
[[es:Servidor de DayZ con lag]]

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With "lagging" one means the delay of the connection. This term is particularly widespread among players of online games. The player receives his data packets with a slight delay and is therefore at a disadvantage compared to players with a much lower delay.


The cause of lags can occur in several places. Starting with your own PC, via the Internet connection to the server, to a high load on the host system. In order to be able to limit the difficulty more precisely, the following points help:

  • Have modifications been added or changed recently?
  • Have multipliers been changed recently?
  • Have other settings / changes been made?


If a change has been made as mentioned above, it usually already helps to undo it.

If no changes have been made, there could be a temporary problem with the host system or the save-game. Please contact the support team for further information.

The nitrado.net support will be happy to help you to solve the problems that might occur on or with your server. In order for them to be able to help quickly and efficiently, it is necessary to provide as much information as possible.

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