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Rent your own prepaid ARK: Survival Evolved console server soon on

Here You can find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the coming Xbox and PS4 servers

Sign up for information on the servers as soon as they are available here:


What are the advantages of having a rented server at Nitrado?

Full control! You have the ability to edit the server configuration through our user-friendly web interface, without having to dig through cryptic configuration files.

On top of that:

  • Full CrossARK support
  • Regular, easily restorable backups
  • No "tethering" to the player hosting the server
  • The best and most reliable hardware available, certainly offering better performance than a console dedicated server can
  • Friendly and helpful customer support in nine different languages

When will servers be available for rental?

PS4 servers are currently available!

Xbox One server release date has not yet been published by Studio Wildcard.

Are pre-orders available? Are the available servers limited?

Xbox One servers cannot be pre-ordered, because we expect to have enough capacity to fulfill everyone's needs! If certain locations / data centers receive an unexpected amount of orders, orders may be temporarily unavailable at that specific location until new hardware arrives.

What are the prices for renting a server?

Prices for PS4 will be the exact same as for PC. Servers start at 13 US$ for 10 player slots (maximum concurrent players) for 30 days. You can check our prices here.

Prices for XBox One have not been finalized yet.

Do I have to purchase a Hardware Performance Upgrade?

No! The hardware performance upgrade only applies to a few selected games - ARK already gets all the resources it needs by default!

Why is there a minimum of 10 slots?

Compared to some other games, ARK has a high base hardware usage, regardless of how many players are playing on the server, which results in more hardware being needed. Instead of simply charging higher prices, we decided to also give our customers something in return, which is the higher slot count.

What are the available configuration options?

Except for a very few minor exceptions, configuration options for consoles will be the same as for PC!

Where is the server hosted?

The server is hosted on top of the line hardware at one of our four advantageous hosting locations. You will be able to pick your preferred hosting location while ordering of your server.

Data centers available for ARK on consoles will be:

  • Germany (Frankfurt)
  • Great Britain (London)
  • United States (Los Angeles)
  • United States (Miami)

Do I need to keep my computer or console running?

No, the server is on Nitrado hardware. You only need your device (Mobile, PC, or console) to connect to the Nitrado Web interface.

Is there CrossARK cluster support?

Yes! You will just need two or more game servers, which can then be linked through our web interface. Cluster servers can belong to different Nitrado Accounts, have different configurations and slot counts, and can even be located in different data centers!

Can I rent a server now and then switch to the new Ragnarok map once that is available?

Yes! You can switch the current map of your server at any time, without additional cost.

Can I transfer my save data from an official server or an existing dedicated console server?

Short answer: No, save data will not be compatible.

Long answer: There might be a way to transfer characters, dinos and items if your Nitrado server is not in a cluster yet. We ourselves are still waiting for a final answer on that topic, so please don't rely on it.

Can you play with friends on PC if you are on console?

Not directly. However, Studio Wildcard has announced to support PlayAnywhere for XBox One and PC. More info coming soon!

Will you be able to use mods?

Mod support is currently limited to Primitive+ Official.

Can I use the Nitrado website with my console?

Yes. Our user-friendly website is useable with console browsers and mobile devices.

Can I have multiple people administrate my console server?

Yes! We have an “Allow guest access” option where you can add your friends Nitrado account to get access to your service.

You can apply them specific permissions to help manage the server when you are not around.

Do I need a PC to buy a server?

A: No! Nitrado’s friendly website is usable on mobile and console browsers! You can sign up and rent a server right from your gaming platform or mobile device.

Can I use the cloud server for a console server?

No, unfortunately, this is not possible.

Are there regular backups from my server?

Yes. The game itself creates a savegame backup every 2 - 3 hours which can easily be restored through the "start with backup" option in the web interface settings. Also, Nitrado creates a complete off-site backup of your game server every day.

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