Connect to your Avorion server

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Rent your own Avorion server at

Access through Name Search

Open the game and select Multiplayer, proceed by selecting Browse Servers

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Click Change Filters and enter your server name.


Select your game server and click on Join.

If you have a password set up, you will need to add it after joining.

You will now be directed to your game server.

Add the server to Steam favorites

Alternatively, you can do it through Steam Favorites:

  • Open Steam and click View in the upper left and Server in the next menu
  • In the new window go to favorites and click "add server"
  • In the new window, enter your IP followed by ":" and the query port
  • -> You can find the query port in the control panel of your game server Web Interface under Ports
  • Now click "Find server at this address" (to see if the server can be accessed correctly.
  • Now you can add the server to your favorites
  • In Multiplayer on Avorion you can now find your server in the Favorites tab.

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  • Once the server list is open, go to the "Favorites" tab. Your server should be listed, select it and click "Join".

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  • And it's done, you have successfully connected to your Avorion server.