Connect to a Day of Dragons server

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You can connect to your Day of Dragos server following the next steps:

Method 1: Favourites Steam List

  • Start your Steam Client.
  • Go to the View-> Servers on the top left side of the header.
  • Add your server using the IP Address and Query Port ( ' NOTE: Always remember to add a plus 1 to your query port (+1), p. , if the query port on your Web Interface is "27015" to add it on steam you'll need to change it to "27016" ').
  • Start you clients version of Day of Dragons.
  • Open the Server's Browser and select "Favorites" as type of list.
  • Your added server should show up now.
    ARK steam favoritos add.png
 ' It's possible that Steam shows the server's name of the server for a moment and then just show the IP Address, if that's the case: ' 
  • Open Day of Dragons.
  • Go to "Play Online".
  • In the upper left corner display "Filter" and select "Favorites".
  • Click on "Refresh".
  • Your server should show up on the list now.

Method 2: Using the Launch Parameters

  • Find Day of Dragons on your Steam Library.
  • Right click on "Day of Dragons" on your Steam Library and select "Properties".
  • Then select "Set launch options ..."
  • In the pop up window you will need to type in the following: "+ connect"
  • Replace the IP Address givcen here with the server's IP Address you're trying to connect to.
  • Start your game and then wait, your server might take a few minutes to connect.