Configuration for Reign of Kings

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The configuration of a Reign Of Kings server can be done in the web interface under "Settings", as well as directly in the file "ServerSettings.cfg", which is stored in the directory /reignofkings/Configuration/.

The following settings can be set in the ServerSettings.cfg:

Setting Description Value
isPrivate Enables/disables the display in the public server browser. True/false
serverName Defines the server name, which is displayed in the server browser. text
maxPlayers Sets the maximum number of players. This setting is specified by Nitrado. number
portNumber Set the port fixed under this of the Gameserver is reachable. Number (default: 7350)
password Defines the server password required for a connection setup. text
worldSlot Specifies the world slot to use. The value "-1" means that a new world is to be created. Number (default: 0)
allowSaving Enables or disables saving the server. True/false
gameMode Starts the server in the desired mode. Either Survival or Creative. Survival/Creative