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[[Category:Project Zomboid]]
[[Category:Project Zomboid]]
[[es:Archivos de configuración para el servidor de Project Zomboid]]

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Access to the configuration files on a Project Zomboid server

To reach the files, you need to follow the next path in the File Browser section

Zomboid > Profile > Zomboid > Server.


The Files you will find there are the following:


This is your Server's most important configuration file, it contains most of the preferences for your Game-Server that will affect almost every aspect of the Game.


These Settings control Data regarding the in-game environment. It allows you to define the experience you wish to have on your Server. It is not a file that requires any modification whatsoever, but it's recommended if you wish to give it a more personal touch. We recommend looking at how the variables for this Settings work prior to making any additions or changes to it.


This file, as the name explains, allows you to specify custom spawn points. It is recommended not to modify it unless you have knowledge about the specific values it requires.


It allows you to personalize spawn regions and the available locations to the player. This file requires you to have specific knowledge of the variables and Data you wish to assign before modifying.