Commands in Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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The following list contains all common RCON-commands in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

In order to use these commands you need to establish a connection to the server an log in to the console using the command rcon_password YOUR_PASSWORD.

General commands

Command Description
rcon_password <The-Rcon-Password> Login to a server as admin. Please not that if you want to use commands as admin, you have to prefix them with 'rcon', like 'rcon sv_changemap de_dust' for instance.
exec <Configuration-File-Name>.cfg Execute the supplied configuration file and loads all containd settings and scripts.
stats Displays Time, CPU, In, Out, Uptime, Users, FPS and Players in console.
mp_buytime Sets the buy time in seconds. Example: mp_buytime “0.40″
mp_autoteambalance The teams are balanced to equal or +1 players. Note: 0=off; 1=on.
mp_c4timer Sets the time in seconds till the bomb explodes. Example: mp_c4timer “50″ = 50 seconds.
mp_chattime Sets the time till mesages fade out in seconds. Example: mp_chattime “5″
mp_fadetoblack Sets whether the screen fades to black on death or not. Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_decals Count of details (for example blood and bullte holes). Note: 0=off; 2048=max
mp_freezetime Sets the freeze time at each round restart. Example: mp_freezetime “6″ = 6 seconds
mp_friendlyfire Activate friendly fire. Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_hostagepenalty Sets the maximum tolerated hostage kills. Note: 0=off; 1=1 Kill; 2=2 Kills.
mp_limitteams Sets the maximum of team player difference. Note: 0=No Limit.
mp_roundtime Sets the round time. Note: 3=3 Minutes; 2.5=2Min 30 Sec; 0=No Limit.
mp_maxrounds Sets rounds to play before a mapchange. Note: 0=No Mapchange.
mp_flashlight Enables or disables flashlights. Note: 0=off; 1=on.
mp_autokick Kick inactive players from server. Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_friendly_grenade_damage Toggle granede friendly fire. Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_tkpunish Toggle punishment for a teamkill (sit for one round). Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_startmoney Sets the player starting currency. Example: mp_startmoney “800″ = 800 Dollar
sv_enablevoice Toggle voicechat. Note: 0=off; 1=on
sv_alltalk Toggle of voicechat is global or team related. Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_restartgame Toggle map restart time in seconds. Example: mp_restartgame “2″ = Restart in 2 seconds.
sv_password Sets a password required for players to connect. Example: sv_password somepass
mp_playerid Toggles display of player names on focus. Note: 0=all; 1=team only; 2=off
mp_forcecamera Toggles game view on death. Note: 0=all; 1=only team; 2=stay where you died.
sv_gravity Sets the gravitation intensity. Default is 800
sv_cheats Toggle cheats on the server. Note: 0=off, 1=on
noclip Become invulnerable and escape gravity. Note: only available if “sv_cheats″ set to higher than 0!
mp_allowspectators Toggles spectator mode allowed. Note: 0=off; 1=on
sv_pausable Toggle game pausable. Note: 0=off; 1=on
rcon say <Text> Global message from server.
changelevel <Mapname> Change the map. Example: changelevel de_dust
map <Mapname> Change map and kick all players. Example: map de_dust
mp_footsteps Stepping sounds. Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_winlimit Sets the rounds to win for a team to change the map. Note: 0=off
sv_rcon_maxfailures Sets auto ban on false Rcon commands, for example when commands are issued without rcon login. Note: min=1; standard=10; max=20
sv_rcon_minfailuretime Resettime for sv_rcon_maxfailures.
sv_rcon_minfailures Count of false rcon commands before sv_rcon_minfailuretime is over. Note: min=1; standard=5; max=20
sv_rcon_banpenalty Sets the ban time for failed rcon commands in seconds. Note: 0=Permanent
users List all players user ID and name.
kick Kicks a player. Example: kick playername; kick #id
banid Ban a player by its ID for x minutes. Example: banid id x; x=0>permanent
banip Ban a player by its IP for x minutes. Example: banip x; x=0>permanent
quit Restarts the server.
reload Reloads the map.
status Lists all players on the server with their Steam ID.
sv_maxspeed Sets the maximum speed for all players

Commands for Bots

Command Description
bot_add Adds a bot randomly.
bot_add_ct Adds a bot to the counter terrorist team.
bot_add_t Adds a bot to the terrorist team.
bot_all_weapons Toggle all weapons allowed for bots. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_grenades Toggle bots allowed to use granades. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_machine_guns Toggle bots allowed to use machine guns. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_pistols Toggle bots allowed to use pistols. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_rifles Toggle bots allowed to use rifles. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_rogues Toggle bots allowed to use rouges. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_shotguns Toggle bots allowed to use shotguns. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_snipers Toggle bots allowed to use sniping rifles. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_sub_machine_guns Toggle bots allowed to use sub machine guns. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_kick Kicks all bots.
bot_kill Kills all bots
bot_snipers_only Toggle bots only allowed to use sniping rifles. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_pistols_only Toggle bots only allowed to use pistols. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_knives_only Toggle bots only allowed to use knifes. Note: 0=no; 1=yes