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[[Category: Characteristic configuration]]
[[Category: Characteristic configuration]]
[[es:Comandos de Administrador en Counter Strike: Go]]

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Enabling the console in CS:GO

There are two methods for enabling the console in Counter Strike: Global Offensive


On the Start menu, you can open all game-related settings by clicking on Options. Set the value of "Enable Developer Console" to "Yes" to make it available to open the console in the game.

The Configuration File

It is also possible to open the console the old school way via the configuration file. Navigate to the local Steam installation directory (Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Counter-Strike Global Offensive \ CSGO \ cfg). In this folder, open the config.cfg file with your preferred text editor. At the beginning of the file, you should see many "bind" directives. Add your own "keybinding". Example format 'bind "key" "command"' In this case, we bind the console to F9, this would be the line to be inserted: 'bind "F9" "toggleconsole' '.

Further down in the configuration file, find the entry 'con_enable'. This entry value must be set to 1, so: 'con_enable "1"'.

After saving the file, you can open the console with the assigned button in-game.

About the Steam Launch Parameters

You can adjust the start parameters of Steam games in their settings. To do this, in your Steam Library, right-click on the game you want, in this case, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and select "Properties". "Set Launch Options" is the option you are looking for.

Steam Launch Options.png

Basic Commands

These are basic commands you can use for administrating your server.

Command Plugin Access Format Description
sm_addban basebans rcon <time> <steamid> [reason] Add SteamID to the ban list .
sm_admin adminmenu admin Shows admin menu.
sm_ban basebans ban <#userid|name><minutes|0> [reason] Ban a client.
sm_banip basebans ban <ip#|userid|name> <time> [reason] Add an IP to the ban list. Only someone with RCON access can ban from IP.
sm_cancelvote basecommands vote Cancel ongoing votation.
sm_cvar basecommands cvar <cvar> [value] Restore or change a cvar value. Protected cvars are only accessible through password, sv_cheats are only accessible activating cheats. To add a cvar to a protected list (which contains by default all marked cvars as PROTECTED, rcon_password, sn_show_activity and sm_immunity_mode), use sm_cver protect <name>
sm_execcfg basecommands config <filename> Execute a config file (no route needed, extension needed)
sm_help adminhelp admin [page|search] Show all admin commands. The result is shown and can be specified with a page number. Alternatively, you can specify a search filter to find a specific command.
sm_kick basecommands kick <#userid|name> [reason] Kick a player from the server.
sm_map basecommands map <map> Change current map.
sm_rcon basecommands rcon <argstring> Execute string argument via RCON.
sm_reloadadmins basecommands config Refresh admin cache.
sm_unban basebans unban <steamid|ip> Remove ban from an SteamID or IP.
sm_who basecommands admin <#steamid|name> Shows a list of all users and their access levels, can also show information about an specific user.

The following list contains all common RCON-commands in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

In order to use these commands you need to establish a connection to the server an log in to the console using the command rcon_password YOUR_PASSWORD.

General commands

Command Description
rcon_password <The-Rcon-Password> Login to a server as admin. Please not that if you want to use commands as admin, you have to prefix them with 'rcon', like 'rcon sv_changemap de_dust' for instance.
exec <Configuration-File-Name>.cfg Execute the supplied configuration file and loads all containd settings and scripts.
stats Displays Time, CPU, In, Out, Uptime, Users, FPS and Players in console.
mp_buytime Sets the buy time in seconds. Example: mp_buytime “0.40″
mp_autoteambalance The teams are balanced to equal or +1 players. Note: 0=off; 1=on.
mp_c4timer Sets the time in seconds till the bomb explodes. Example: mp_c4timer “50″ = 50 seconds.
mp_chattime Sets the time till mesages fade out in seconds. Example: mp_chattime “5″
mp_fadetoblack Sets whether the screen fades to black on death or not. Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_decals Count of details (for example blood and bullte holes). Note: 0=off; 2048=max
mp_freezetime Sets the freeze time at each round restart. Example: mp_freezetime “6″ = 6 seconds
mp_friendlyfire Activate friendly fire. Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_hostagepenalty Sets the maximum tolerated hostage kills. Note: 0=off; 1=1 Kill; 2=2 Kills.
mp_limitteams Sets the maximum of team player difference. Note: 0=No Limit.
mp_roundtime Sets the round time. Note: 3=3 Minutes; 2.5=2Min 30 Sec; 0=No Limit.
mp_maxrounds Sets rounds to play before a mapchange. Note: 0=No Mapchange.
mp_flashlight Enables or disables flashlights. Note: 0=off; 1=on.
mp_autokick Kick inactive players from server. Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_friendly_grenade_damage Toggle granede friendly fire. Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_tkpunish Toggle punishment for a teamkill (sit for one round). Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_startmoney Sets the player starting currency. Example: mp_startmoney “800″ = 800 Dollar
sv_enablevoice Toggle voicechat. Note: 0=off; 1=on
sv_alltalk Toggle of voicechat is global or team related. Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_restartgame Toggle map restart time in seconds. Example: mp_restartgame “2″ = Restart in 2 seconds.
sv_password Sets a password required for players to connect. Example: sv_password somepass
mp_playerid Toggles display of player names on focus. Note: 0=all; 1=team only; 2=off
mp_forcecamera Toggles game view on death. Note: 0=all; 1=only team; 2=stay where you died.
sv_gravity Sets the gravitation intensity. Default is 800
sv_cheats Toggle cheats on the server. Note: 0=off, 1=on
noclip Become invulnerable and escape gravity. Note: only available if “sv_cheats″ set to higher than 0!
mp_allowspectators Toggles spectator mode allowed. Note: 0=off; 1=on
sv_pausable Toggle game pausable. Note: 0=off; 1=on
rcon say <Text> Global message from server.
changelevel <Mapname> Change the map. Example: changelevel de_dust
map <Mapname> Change map and kick all players. Example: map de_dust
mp_footsteps Stepping sounds. Note: 0=off; 1=on
mp_winlimit Sets the rounds to win for a team to change the map. Note: 0=off
sv_rcon_maxfailures Sets auto ban on false Rcon commands, for example when commands are issued without rcon login. Note: min=1; standard=10; max=20
sv_rcon_minfailuretime Resettime for sv_rcon_maxfailures.
sv_rcon_minfailures Count of false rcon commands before sv_rcon_minfailuretime is over. Note: min=1; standard=5; max=20
sv_rcon_banpenalty Sets the ban time for failed rcon commands in seconds. Note: 0=Permanent
users List all players user ID and name.
kick Kicks a player. Example: kick playername; kick #id
banid Ban a player by its ID for x minutes. Example: banid id x; x=0>permanent
banip Ban a player by its IP for x minutes. Example: banip x; x=0>permanent
quit Restarts the server.
reload Reloads the map.
status Lists all players on the server with their Steam ID.
sv_maxspeed Sets the maximum speed for all players

Commands for Bots

Command Description
bot_add Adds a bot randomly.
bot_add_ct Adds a bot to the counter terrorist team.
bot_add_t Adds a bot to the terrorist team.
bot_all_weapons Toggle all weapons allowed for bots. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_grenades Toggle bots allowed to use granades. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_machine_guns Toggle bots allowed to use machine guns. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_pistols Toggle bots allowed to use pistols. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_rifles Toggle bots allowed to use rifles. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_rogues Toggle bots allowed to use rouges. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_shotguns Toggle bots allowed to use shotguns. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_snipers Toggle bots allowed to use sniping rifles. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_allow_sub_machine_guns Toggle bots allowed to use sub machine guns. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_kick Kicks all bots.
bot_kill Kills all bots
bot_snipers_only Toggle bots only allowed to use sniping rifles. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_pistols_only Toggle bots only allowed to use pistols. Note: 0=no; 1=yes
bot_knives_only Toggle bots only allowed to use knifes. Note: 0=no; 1=yes