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The following commands can be run on your own Battlefield 3 or 4 servers in the Web interface on the page " RCON Console " Note : Arguments are separated in Battlefield 3 with " , " (comma) in Battlefield 4 with " " (space)

General Commands

Command Description BF Version
login.plainText <password> Login to the server password 3&4
login.hashed Outputs Salt that is needed for Hash login 3&4
login.hashed <passwordHard> Log in using Salt with the Hashed Login 3&4
serverinfo Information about the server 3&4
logout Logout from game server 3&4
quit Disconnect from server 3&4
version Server type and build number 3&4
currentLevel Current map form 4
listPlayers <players> Displays a list of players 3&4

Admin Commands

Command Description BF Version
admin.eventsEnabled <enabled> Enable/Disable Events 3&4 Help page for admins 3&4
admin.kickPlayer <Player Name, Justification> Kicks a player 3&4
admin.killPlayer <name> Kills a player 3&4
admin.listPlayers <players> Lists of all players in a particular group 3&4
admin.movePlayer <name, teamID, squadID, forceKill> Teleports a player 3&4
admin.pingPlayers <players> The ping of players 3
admin.password [password] Set admin password for the server 3&4
admin.effectiveMaxPlayers Maximum players 3
admin.say <News, Group> Sends a message to a particular group of players 3&4
admin.shutDown <gracefulShutdown> Stops the server 4
admin.yell <Message, Duration, Group> Sends an onscreen message to a group of players 3&4

Ban Commands

Commands Description BF Version
banList.add <id-type, id, timeout, reason> Adds a player to ban list 3&4
banList.clear Empties the ban list 3&4
banList.list [startIndex] List of players from the banlist 3&4
banList.load Loads Banlist 3&4
banList.remove <id-type, id> Removes a player from a ban list 3&4 Saves the banlist 3&4

FairFight Commands

Command Description BF Version
fairFight.activate Enable Fair Fight 4
fairFight.deactivate Disable Fair Fight 4
fairFight.isActive Status of Fair Fights 4

Map Commands

Commands Description BF Version
mapList.add <map> <gamemode> <rounds> <offset> Adds a map from maplist 3&4
mapList.availableMaps Lists available maps 3&4
mapList.clear Learns the maplist 3&4
mapList.endRound <teamID> Ends the round, Specified team is given Winner 3&4
mapList.getMapIndices Specifies the settings of the current map 3&4
mapList.getRounds Lists number of current rounds 3&4
mapList.list [startIndex] Lists the maps on the list 3&4
mapList.load Loads maplist 3&4
mapList.remove <index> Deletes a map on the list 3&4
mapList.restartRound Restarts the current round 3&4
mapList.runNextRound Starts the next round 3&4 Saves the maplist in a file 3&4
mapList.setNextMapIndex <index> Rests fixed map to be started after the current round 3&4

Player Commands

Commands Description BF Version
player.idleDuration <player> Specifies the length of absence of a player 3&4
player.isAlive <player> Checks if a player is still alive 3&4 <player> Ping of player 3&4

PunkBuster Commands

Command Description BF Version
punkBuster.activate Activate PunkBuster 3&4
punkBuster.isActive Check is PunkBuster is active or not 3&4
punkBuster.pb_sv_command <command> Sends command to PunkBuster Console 3&4

Reserved Slots Commands

Command Description BF Version
reservedSlotsList.add <name> Adds a reserved slot for a player 3&4
reservedSlotsList.aggressiveJoin [enabled] Enables Kicking to create room for reserved slots 3&4
reservedSlotsList.clear Clears the reserved slot 3&4
reservedSlotsList.list Lists the reserved slots 3&4
reservedSlotsList.remove <name> Removes a reserved slot player 3&4
reservedSlotsList.load Loads reserved slots from the file 3&4 Saves the reserved slots 3&4

Viewers Commands

Commands Description BF Version
spectatorList.add <player> Adds a player to spectate list 4
spectatorList.clear Empties the audience list 4
spectatorList.list <startIndex> Part of the audience list 4
spectatorList.remove <player> Removes a player from the audience 4 Saves the spectator list 4

Squad Commands

Commands Description BF Version
squad.leader <team id, squad id, [soldier name]> Leader of the team 3&4
squad.listActive <team id> Lists all teams that have players on 3&4
squad.listPlayers <team id, squad id> Lists players on a team 3&4
squad.private <team id, squad id, [private]> Determines whether a team is private or not 3&4

Configuration Commands

Commands Description BF Version
vars.3dSpotting [enabled] set whether spotting targets in the 3D world to be visible 3&4
vars.3pCam [enabled] set whether the third-person view can be activated for vehicles 3&4
vars.alwaysAllowSpectators <enabled> Specifies whether spectators must be in the list to join 4
vars.autoBalance [enabled] Enables / Disables auto balance 3&4
vars.bulletDamage [modifier: percent] Modifies percent of bullet damage 3&4
vars.commander <enabled> Determines whether Commander is allowed 4
vars.crossHair [enabled] Determines whether a crosshair appears 3&4
vars.forceReloadWholeMags <enabled> Specifies reloading 4
vars.friendlyFire [enabled] This command can be set if " Friendly Fire " is to be activated 3&4
vars.gameModeCounter [modifier: integer] Here the game mode counter can be changed . Default = 100 = 300 tickets . Example : 150 = 150 % = 450 Tickets 3&4
vars.gamePassword [Passwort] Set a server password ( only Unranked ! ) 3&4
vars.hitIndicatorsEnabled Enable / Disable the display of punches 4
vars.hud [enabled] Enable / Disable Hud 3&4
vars.idleBanRounds [enabled] inactivity after a round = banned from the server 3&4
vars.idleTimeout [time] define from which period of inactivity , the player will be kicked from the server 3&4
vars.killCam [enabled] Killcam can be enabled or disabled 3&4
vars.maxPlayers [Maximum amount] Set a maximum number of players 3&4
vars.maxSpectators <numSpectators> Set a maximum number of audience 4
vars.miniMap [enabled] Enables / Disables specify miniMap 3&4
vars.miniMapSpotting [enabled] Determines whether spotting should be displayed in the mini map 3&4
vars.mpExperience <experience> Sets the MP experience 4
vars.nameTag [enabled] Allows define the visibility of name tags 3&4
vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn [enabled] Set so that you can only spawn near the Squad Leaders 3&4
vars.playerRespawnTime [modifier: percent] Fits the respawn timer on ( in percent ) 3&4
vars.preset <serverPreset> <lockPresetSetting> Specifies a specific server default ( overwriting available settings : lockPresetSetting = true ) 4
vars.regenerateHealth [enabled] allows you to adjust the life regeneration ( enabled / disabled ) 3&4
vars.roundLockdownCountdown [time] Specifies the length of the rounds 3&4
vars.roundRestartPlayerCount [numPlayers] set how many players pause the round and go into the warm-up phase 3&4
vars.roundStartPlayerCount [numPlayers] Can be set on how many players needed until the round begins 3&4
vars.roundTimeLimit <modifier: percent> Here the default limit can be changed ( in percent ) 4
vars.roundWarmupTimeout Sets the time until the round starts when the minimum number of players is reached 4
vars.serverDescription [Description] Sets the description of the server 3&4
vars.serverMessage [message] Here the welcome message can be customized 3&4
vars.serverName [Name] sets the server name 3&4
vars.serverType <type> Specifies the type of server that: Offical , Ranked , Unranked or private 4
vars.soldierHealth [modifier: percent] changes the lives of the players ( in percent ) 3&4
vars.team1FactionOverride Sets the fraction of Team 1 4
vars.team2FactionOverride Sets the fraction of Team 2 4
vars.team3FactionOverride Sets the fraction of Team 3 4
vars.team4FactionOverride Sets the fraction of Team 4 4
vars.teamKillCountForKick [Value / number] Determines amount of friendly kills before a player is kicked from the server 3&4
vars.teamKillKickForBan [count] Determines amount of friendly kills before a player is banned from the server 3&4
vars.teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond [Value / Number] Determines amount of value teamkills decrease 3&4
vars.teamKillValueForKick [Value / number] This specifies team kill value of the player from the server 3&4
vars.teamKillValueIncrease [Value / Number] Sets the value to the increases of Teamkill value per Teamkill 3&4
vars.ticketBleedRate <modifier: percent> Here the " Ticket Bleed rate " can be changed ( in percent ) 4
vars.unlockMode [mode] Put thus weapons and items are also available on unranked server 3&4
vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed [enabled] Here you can set whether to allow spawn in the game Vehicles 3&4
vars.vehicleSpawnDelay [modifier: percent] percent that thre spawn is to be permanently changed for vehicles 3&4
vars.playerManDownTime [modifier: percent] Here the " ManDown - time " can be changed ( in percent ) 3
vars.premiumStatus [enabled] Here can be set if only premium players may join this server 3
vars.gunMasterWeaponsPreset Sets the starting gun for the GunMaster - Game Mode 3
vars.ctfRoundTimeModifier [modifier: integer] Sets the Capture The Flag -round time 3
vars.ranked [true/false] Allows switching between the " ranked " ( true) and " unranked " ( false) modes 3