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[[Category: Issue rust]]
[[Category: Issue rust]]
[[Category: Characteristic configuration]]
[[Category: Characteristic configuration]]
[[es:Comandos de Administrador en Rust]]

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  • Always keep the case of commands, player names, and items
  • Players' names and items that contain a space are required to write this in "".
    Example - Game name Hans Peter must be written with a command with "Hans Peter"
    Example 2 - Item Metal Door must be written with a command with "Metal Door".
  • It is not necessary to enter the entire name of a player. As a "unique" length is reached, the player is used.
    Example - Game name "SuperTollerRustServerSpieler" can be abbreviated as "Super" if no other player starts with "Super".

Administrator Commands

To enter the commands press F1 on your keyboard and the game console will open.

  • find * Lists all available console commands.
  • rcon.login contraseña Connect to Rcon through the console using your password
  • status It informs you of the list of players connected to the server.
  • notice.popupall Mensaje Send the desired message to all players on the server.
  • kick NombreJugador Suspend the indicated player.
  • ban NombreJugador Motivo Kick the indicated player from the server. You can also use the SteamID. You can explain the reason in Reason.
  • unbanall Removes the restriction on all sent off players.
  • truth.enforce True/FalseActivate or deactivate the automatic eject system when detecting hacks.
  • save.all Save the current state of the server.
  • teleport.toplayer NombreJugador NombreJugador2 Teleports one player to another's position.
  • teleport.topos NombreJugador X Y Z Teleports the indicated player to the coordinates written in X, Y and Z.
  • inv.giveplayer NombreJugador Objeto Cantidad Give the indicated player the item they wrote (just enter the item's name) and the quantity.
  • inv.giveall Objeto Cantidad You award all players the item you indicate (just write the item's name) and the amount.
  • dmg.godmode True/False Enable or Disable God Mode for Administrators
  • crafting.complete Complete All Crafting Activities in Progress.
  • crafting.cancel Cancel all crafting activities in progress.
  • crafting.instant True/False Enable or disable automatic crafting.
  • crafting.instant_admins True/False Enable or disable automatic crafting, but only for administrators.
  • crafting.timescale Escala Set the crafting time. To set fractions, point is used (for example, 0.25 would take a quarter of the normal crafting time).
  • airdrop.drop Air supplies.
  • airdrop.min_players Cantidad Air supplies start if it reaches the minimum number of players set.
  • vehicle.spawn A car will appear in your position.
  • vehicle.ejectall Get out of the car.
  • server.hostname Set a host name.
  • server.clienttimeout X Sets the dead time in minutes (Automatic eject due to connection problems or no action)
  • server.maxplayers Cantidad Set the maximum number of players on the server.
  • server.pvp True/False Turn PvP on or off
  • server.steamgroup IDgrupoSteam They can only connect to the server if they are in the Steam group you indicated.
  • sleepers.on True/False Enable or disable sleepers.
  • env.timescale Valor Sets the time it takes to pass a day based on the assigned value. The standard is 0.0066666667
  • falldamge.enabled True/False Enable or disable fall damage.
  • player.backpackLockTime TiempoEnSegundos Set the time in seconds before the backpack closes.