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[[Category: Issue pixark]]
[[Category: Issue pixark]]
[[Category: Characteristic configuration]]
[[Category: Characteristic configuration]]
[[es:Cambiando la semilla de tu servidor de Pixark]]

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Hello, here you will learn how to change the seed of your PixARK game server!

Where to Start?

  1. Access your game servers web interface
  2. Stop Server(Recommended)
  3. Set up your new seed
  4. Delete save(If Needed)
  5. Start the Server

Always remember to save your changes.

Things to know about general behavior:

  • If no map exists=
    • The map will be generated using the seed defined on the web interface - if no seed is defined one will be generated randomly
  • If a map exists=
    • Nothing happens, the seed only takes effect while generating a new world

If you have an existing map you will need to delete the save. (Below)

For instructions on making a backup you can go here:

Setting The Seed

  • Navigate to your Nitrado Web Interface
  • Go to your "Settings>General"
  • Scroll to "Map", here you will enter your World-Name name and Seed Number
  • Enter your Map Name
    • WORLD-NAME= Defines the name of the world. All spaces should be replaced with underscores ( _ ) to prevent the save from resetting
    • WORLD SEED= Defines the map-seed. If the value is '0', the server generates a new seed. This option only takes effect if a new world is generated.
      NOTE: Value must be below 9000
  • Save Changes
  • Restart your server and the new seed will be applied.

Deleteing Your Save

When you delete the save and restart the server it will bring back the save but will also apply a new one. Here is how to delete the save:

  • Navigate the following path: pixark/ShooterGame/Saved/CubeServers/CubeWorld_Light
  • Delete the existing save
  • Follow "Settings the Seed"] below to set the seed of your server
  • When started/Restarted the server apply the saves
    • Existing saves will reappear and a new world with the specified settings will be applied

Finding a Specific World Seed

The steps below will help you find a specific seed for generating a new world:

  • Open your PixARK game.
  • Goto "Local".
  • Click "Creator Mode".
  • Select or Create a new character and click "Load".
  • You can click an existing map, or Generate a world that you would like to play on.
    • You can preview the world by pressing the (M) key when you load into the world
    • Use the admin command "ShowCubeSeed" to show the seed of the world.

Repeat this process until there is a world you like

*Use the admin command "ShowCubeSeed" to show the seed of the world.
*We suggest writing down the seeds that you like