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TrackMania 2 (stylized as TrackMania²) is a racing video game developed by Nadeo and published by Ubisoft as part of the TrackMania series. Instead of following the usual trend of choosing a set car and track to play the game, in TrackMania the players can create their own tracks using a "building block" process similar to that of the 1984 game Excitebike, the 1985 game Racing Destruction Set and the 1990 game Stunts.

Unlike most other racing games, the TrackMania series lets the player race a track as many times as they want within a time limit. Players may choose to respawn at any time if they land upside down, leave the track or get off to a poor start. In multiplayer games, however, multiple cars race on the same track and cannot collide or otherwise influence each other.

Trackmania 2 Canyon Game server Activation

  1. Datei:Tm2_01.png
    Auf Login

  2. Datei:Tm2_02.png
    Server Login Creation

  3. Datei:Tm2_03.png
    dedicated_cfg.txt Open

  4. Datei:Tm2 04.png
    Login in dedicated_cfg.txt and save it

To join a TrackMania server you need to a server and a ManiaPlanet account.

  • One must then go to the view dedicated servers page and sign in.
  • Then you will be redirected to a different page where you can then configure the server.
  • Then you have to enter in the Web interface in the Config Editor [extended] this data.
  • Therefore one must edit the "Trackmania 2 (dedicated_cfg.txt)".
  • Then when masterserver_account, enter the login and password information that you have entered during ManiaPlanet.
  • Execute a server restart.
  • Now you can play in TrackMania to your server name search (Note to non-business or!)

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