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Developer Offworld Industries
Release date December 15th, 2015
Official Website Official Website
Official Wiki Official Wiki
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The "Squad" game, which was developed by the "Offworld Industries LTD" team, is a tactical first person shooter game. This is characterized by its closeness to reality and close teamwork. You can install this shooter game on your Nitrado prepaid game server.

The game places the player in a desert area, where two parties face off and fight for supremacy. The objective is to eliminate the opposing team selectively. Compared to other games of this type, internal communication plays an important role in being able to specifically discuss and coordinate with allied units. This is possible through the integrated VOIP and offers fast communication between the respective teams. To do this, players have a large selection of different weapons at their disposal to take on a role in the team and adapt perfectly to the given situation.

The game "Squad" is characterized by the realistic implementation of a tactical shooter, which is enhanced by communication. This experience can be shared together on Nitrado's servers.



Many of the game settings can be adjusted on the server web interface. The settings can be changed in "Settings" -> "General".

Note that the server must be rebooted after saving the settings for the settings to be applied.

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