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[[Category:Popular Titles]]
[[Category:Popular Titles]]

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Developer Gamepires
Release date Aug 29, 2018
Official Website Official Website
Official Wiki Official Wiki
Rent server Server Rental

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Rent your own prepaid SCUM server on nitrado.net


Get ready! Imagine you had the opportunity to become the star of a TV show. The only requirement for this is a stay in prison. So what crime do you want to commit?

There is only one goal in the show: Survival! You fight for your survival against or with up to 64 other convicts on a 144km² area. Here your scruples know no bounds. Of course you can also stay away from all conflicts and build up your hidden base in the wilderness.

Thanks to the Open-World you have the possibility to create the game experience according to your own ideas. The game developed with Unreal Engine 4 is based on a very realistic environment and simulation of your player.



The game can be easily adjusted through the web interface in (Settings). It is important to stop first the server before changing any of the settings. The server can then be restarted.

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