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*[http://store.steampowered.com/app/393420 Steam-Shop]
*[http://store.steampowered.com/app/393420 Steam-Shop]

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The hardcore multiplayer Survival Game "Hurtworld" was developed and published by "bankroll Studio". It puts the player in a large, expansive world with different climates and biomes. Players must fight for survival. The game is reminiscent of known Survival Games, for example Rust and ARK: Survival Evolved about the graphics is the game using a special cell-shaded filter, which is strongly reminiscent of the successful game Borderlands. This profound feeling can now also be experienced with a prepaid gameserver from Nitrado. At the beginning, the player finds himself in a world without equipment and food. He now has just the basics needed to be satisfied. Each player builds their own bases and are fighting for survival. For survival purposes, a huge selection of weapons and tools, ranging from primitive hand tools, spears and bows, to fully automatic firearms, drills and explosives are available. Next, technology and resources having to be found. Also, they can be scattered all over the world. One can find vehicles that can be fixed and used. These can then carry a group of players and they can travel the world faster. It makes tracking their enemies a breeze. In addition to the enemy players, dangerous creatures and wild animals are lurking in the wild, which can be defeated with tactics or superiority. Here you realize that "Hurtworld" has set its focus on mere survival, which is only made more difficult by unique battles in a wasteland setting. The players are taken out of their comfort zone, but also rewarded with valuable resources and upgraded technologies. The game constantly adapts to the current players; the difficulty is increased depending on the number of players. More dangerous animals, harsher environments, and new challenges await the player which must be conquered with finely developed skills.

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