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*[http://7daystodie.com/ Official 7 Days to Die Website]
*[http://7daystodie.com/ Official 7 Days to Die Website]
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Game Description

7 Days to Die is a zombie survival game , with a similar style to Minecraft and DayZ . It has elements of a shooter, adventure, horror, and role playing mixed together. There are many new opportunities for the player to survive. A base needs to be constructed, in order to survive, as well as buildings constructed for safety. With a wide variety of weapons and an extensive RPG system that can help protect against the attacking zombies.


The game can be easily adjusted via the web interface. It is important to shut down the server first before you do anything to alter the games settings. There are a huge assortment of settings the players can adjust, like spawn times of zombies and loot. The possibilities are just as interesting when the length of day and night are adjusted.

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