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[[de:CS:GO - GOTV]]
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What is GOTV ?

GOTV is the SourceTV for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This function allows you to watch a game currently in progress. It's a very important piece to commentators and streamers, as GOTV allows you to watch the game from every perspective.

One example of a feature in GOTV is the ability to open an overview map that you can draw on.

CSGO Overview Map.PNG

Another feature is the X-Ray Vision. This is a spectators wall-hack essentially. You can see all alive players through the walls.

CSGO X-Ray Vision.PNG

How to install a GOTV Master Server

GOTV will run (if it is activated) on a game server from Nitrado. It will have the same IP address as the server, but the port number will be different. To connect to GOTV, you need the IP address and port for the GOTV server.
This port is standard: 27020
GOTV will only be active/available if there are players currently connected to the game server.

To enable GOTV, you need to add the following to your server.cfg file:

tv_enable "1"           //Enables GOTV
tv_autorecord "0"       //1 automatically records 
tv_maxclients "10"      //Defines the number of concurrent connections to your GOTV 
tv_delay "90"           //Specifies the delay for the GOTV stream
tv_advertise_watchable 1


If you have any GOTV recordings, you will find them on the web interface under File Browser->csgo/csgo. The files are saved in the .dem format.