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Xbox One: Server Boosting Explained:

If you're an Xbox One player, you've probably heard of "server boosting" by now, Nitrado's new feature to donate runtime to a server, but how does it work? Here's Server Boosting in one sentence:

Donating a small package of runtime to an Xbox One server you don't own yourself.

It's the perfect way of supporting the admin of a server you enjoy playing on. And, to be precise, it's actually possible to boost your own server - the normal way of extending runtime is probably a bit more comfortable though.

Server Boosts have to be explicitly enabled by the server owner. For safety reasons, servers are identified by a unique "Boost Code" that is generated after the server owner has enabled boosting for that server.


Prerequisites: You have received a "Boost Code" from the server owner.

If you're a server owner and want to know how to set up Server Boosting for your server, please refer to the next section.

Step 1: Install the Nitrado Microsoft Store App

Our Microsoft Store app runs on Windows 10 and Xbox One. If you're on Windows 10, just navigate to On Xbox One, it's probably easiest to just search for "Nitrado" in the Store. You'll find it as a result in the "Apps" section.

Important: Nitrado offers two different kinds of "apps". One of those is used to purchase everything around Xbox One servers (and is meant here). Our smartphone apps for Android and iOS are independent of that, can be used to manage your server, but cannot be used to purchase servers for Xbox One.

After you installed the app, you will have to create a Nitrado account - you can also create one here on our website and use it in the app.

Step 2: Entering the Boost Code

After logging in, you will find different tabs in the menu on the left. One of them is labeled "Boosting".


Simply enter the Boost Code into the input field that shows up in that menu.

Important: Boost Codes are 8 characters long, and only contain numbers and lower-case letters. Please don't mix them up with "voucher codes" that need to be redeemed in the Microsoft Store.

Step 3: Pick your Boost Size and Custom Message

Once you have entered a correct Boost Code for a server that has Boosting enabled, you'll be greeted with this view:

Boosting page.png

This view shows a custom message from the server owner, allows you to pick an amount to donate to the server, and you can also leave a message for the server owner that will be shown alongside your donation. You can switch between different boost sizes with the right thumbstick on your Xbox One controller, or with a simple mouse click if you're on Windows 10.

You will also see in how much server runtime your contribution will result.

Tip: The added run time for a boost depends on the slot count of the server, but also on its current remaining run time. Servers will receive bonus runtime from a boost if they are above 30, 90, or 365 days of remaining run time.

Step 4: Purchase and done!

After hitting "Purchase" you will be prompted for payment by the Microsoft Store. You can use all payment methods that are available for purchases in the store.

After a successful boost, you will also receive a custom message from the server owner. Thank you for the support!


Prerequisites: You have an active Xbox One server on your Nitrado account.

Step 1: Enable Boosting

Navigate to the "Servers" view of our Microsoft Store app. One of the actions on your server is to bring up the boost menu.


If this is the first time you're bringing up the menu, you will be asked if you want to enable Server Boosting for this server.

Boosting confirmation.png

Step 2: Getting your Boost Code and setting up Messages

After enabling Server Boosting, the following menu will show up:

Boost message.png

The most important piece of information here is the Boost Code at the very top. Users who want to support your server need this code to donate runtime to it.

Important: Boost Codes are 8 characters long, and only contain numbers and lower-case letters.

You can also set up two messages: One is the "Welcome Message" that every user will see who enters your Boost Code. The other one is a "Thank You" message, that will be displayed once the user has successfully donated runtime.

You can test if your boosting is properly set up by visiting the "Boosting" menu as explained in the first section of this article.

Bonus: Boost History If you'd like to know who has boosted your server in the past, you can bring up the "Boost History".

Boost history.png

This will show the Nitrado username of the person who boosted your server, a custom message they have left, and their contribution to the server runtime.


We hope you enjoy this new feature and are looking forward to hearing your feedback!