Bed Wars

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Servermod: Bukkit Plugin
Category: Minigame
Developer: McServerExpertDe
Developer Website:
Description: Minigame
Features: Bukkit-Plugin

Game principle

Two teams fight against each other trying to destroy the enemies bed. You get gold, iron and copper in your spawn which you can use to buy goods from traders.



In your Webinterface -> Gameswitching -> Minecraft(Minigames).

Important settings in your



To play bed wars you don't need to download anythign extra.


  • Player
    • /bw join <Arena> - Enter an arena
    • /bw leave - Leave an arena

  • Admin
    • /bw help - Shows all available commands
    • /bw setup - Lets you create and edit arenas.

These are not all commands since the others won't impact the gameplay too much.

How do I add a map?

Bed wars has only 2 default maps available

  • Download your wanted map and copy it into your minecraft directory
  • To install the map you need Multiverse( You can upload the map by FTP.
  • Import the world with /mv import.
  • Enter the world with /mv tp <worldname>
  • Beforehand you have to delete all spawners and replace the villagers with normal villagers.
  • Select a region for your arena with /bw pos1 in one corner and /bw pos2 in the other corner.
  • Now use /bw add <arenaname> to create the arena
  • Now you have to configure the arena by the use of /bw setup
  • Start by setting both beds and spawner in every base.
  • Create a lobby where you will land before the game starts
  • If you're missing something it will get shown in red.
  • If you want to edit the world, you have to stop the server before or it can interfere with MultiVerse.

Tip: To disable monster spawn go to your multiverse worlds "world.yml" and set "monsters", spawn: to "false".