Becoming Admin In Terraria

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This tutorial is only for Terraria tShock (not Vanilla!)

To become an admin in Terraria, the following steps are necessary:​​

  • Navigate to the Web Interface of your server
  • Goto the File Browser located on the left side of your webinterface under "Tools"
  • The Authcode can be viewed in the /terraria/tshock'directory in the file authcode.txt. Furthermore, one finds the Auth code in the "server console" under the rider "authcode.txt".
    • If AuthCode has already been used or the file "authcode.txt" can not be found, please read "The AuthCode has already been used".
  • Open Terraria and connect to your own Terraria server
  • Open the chat and enter the following command: /auth DEIN_AUTHCODE
    The above AuthCode would be /auth 8090310.


  • Currently, the IP address associated with the player name has been authenticated as SuperAdmin, not the account itself.
  • In order for the player name to be permanently SuperAdmin, the command /user add GAME NAME PASSWORD superadmin must be executed. The 'PLAYER NAME' and the PASSWORD can be selected independently.


  • Then execute the command /login GAME NAME PASSWORD . Now the player name is permanently SuperAdmin.


  • Lastly, just enter into the chat "/auth-verify" and the setup is finished. With "/login <username> <password>" you can now log in as Admin.