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[[Category:Natural Selection 2]]
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User Management in Natural Selection 2

The users in Natural Selection 2 are divided into different groups with different privileges to execute commands to each one, to assign a user as administrator the following steps must be followed

  • Open the Server Web Interface
  • Open the File Settings option
  • Select the ServerAdmin.json file from the Edit File menu
  • Add the commands that each user can use
    • For more information see the Natural Selection 2 commands


Within the server the following groups will be created:

  • admin_group: Allows you to run the sv_changemap, sv_reset, sv_say commands
  • mod_group: Allows to execute any command except sv_ban and sv_reset
  • clan_group: Allows you to execute the sv_kick and sv_say commands

It also defines the following groups:

  • Mr. Lance, STEAM_0: 0: 919317, as a member of 'admin_group'
  • Murphy, STEAM_0: 1: 5820820, as a member of 'mod_group'
  • SabaHell, STEAM_0: 0: 1701701, as a member of 'clan_group'