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[[Category:Red Orchestra 2]]
[[Category:Red Orchestra 2]]
[[es:Convertirse en Administrador en Red Orchestra 2]]

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1. Enter the "Dashboard" and stop your server

2. Select the option: File Browser in the menu Tools

3. Enter the following path "ro2/ROGame/Config" and open the file called: ROGame.ini


4. Modify command line 24 AdminPassword= and add the desired password.

Example: AdminPassword=MyPassword

5. Select the "Save Changes" button


6. Enter the following route "ro2/ROGame/Config" and open the file called: ROWeb.ini


7. Modify command line number 13 bEnabled= and add the value "true".

Example: bEnabled=true

8. Select the "Save Changes" button


9. Start your server

10. Enter the following address in your browser https://Your_Server_IP:8080


11. Login with the username: admin and the password you configured. You will access the game admin interface.