Become admin in Unreal Tournament 2004

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1. Enter your server's Web Interface and stop your server

2. Select the option: File Explorer in the Tools menu

3. Enter the following path "ut2004/System" and open the file called: Xadmin.ini


4. Modify command line number 2 and inAdminName=enter your username and in Password= the password you want to use.

Example AdminUsers=(AdminName="User",Password="Your_Password",Privileges="K|M|A|G|X",Groups=("Admin"),ManagedGroups=)

5. Click on Save Changes and start your server


6. In your browser, enter the following address http://ServerIP:ListenPort (Server IP: The number that you will find on the left side of your server's web interface, below the name of the game. Listen Port: It's a specific port only used to access the game web interface, that can only be found in the server.ini file)


7. When you enter the address, a window will appear asking you to log in, use the username and password that you previously configured.


8. You will have access to the web administration panel of your server.