Become admin in Unreal Tournament 2004

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1. Enter the "Control Center" and stop your server

2. Select the option: File Explorer in the Tools menu

3. Enter the following path "ut2004/System" and open the file called: Xadmin.ini


4. Modify command line number 2 and in AdminName = enter your username and in Password= the password you want to use.

Example AdminUsers=(AdminName = "User", Password = "Your_Password", Privileges = "K | M | A | G | X", Groups = ("Admin"), ManagedGroups =)

5. Click on Save Changes and start your server


6. In your browser enter the following address http://ServerIP:10025 (IP of your server: Enter the IP that you will find on the left side below the name of the game on your web interface)


Don't forget to add port 10025

7. When you enter the address, a window will appear asking you to log in, use the username and password that you previously configured.


8. You will have access to the web administration panel of your server.