Become admin in Starbound

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This tutorial explains how to create an admin account on a Starbound Gameserver.

Creating the admin account

To create an admin account, we'd first need to open the server's configuration file. Open the "Settings" -> "Configuration files" section of the server's Webinterface. Now, select the "Starbound.config" to open it and search for a line stating "serverUsers":


You'll be able to add admin users in the named array like this:

"serverUsers" : {
  	"TestAdmin" : {
          "admin" : true,
          "password" : "ASUdgb83"

The above code adds a user with the name "TestAdmin" authenticated by the password "ASUdgb83".

Login with an admin account

During the connection to the server, enter the admin name and password if prompted:


It's now possible to enable admin functions by executing "/admin" in the in-game console.