Become admin in Rend

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Here you will learn how to become Admin on your Rend game server.

Where to start?

First, you will need to grab the SteamID's of people you want to be admins. You'll need to insert your STEAM_64_ID into the config files.

Example: 550

Admins for Rend

There are three areas to modify for players:

  • Reserved slot list: Reserved slot Steam IDs, so the server will always keep a slot open on one or all factions for the specified players
  • Admin whitelist: Add Steam64 Ids to give players administration rights on the server
  • Cheat whitelist: Add multiple Steam64 Ids to give players cheating rights on the server

Adding Admins


  • Navigate to your Nitrado Web interface
  • Go to "Settings>General"
  • Scroll to the "Player" Section
  • Here you can check the respective area to whitelist the user
    • Can be whitelisted as a Reserved Slot, Admin, or to have Cheats Enabled.
  • Enter the Steam64ID on Admins you wish to have