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[[Category:Characteristic configuration]]
[[Category:Characteristic configuration]]
[[es:Convertirse en administrador en Post Scriptum]]

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Here you will learn how to become admin on your post scriptum game server.

Where to start?

First, you will need to configure the groups of your server and the access levels for these groups. Then you will configure the admin and assign it to a group created.

Configuring your Groups

  • Stop Server. If you make the changes while the server is running, it might happen that they will be overwritten after a reboot.
  • Navigate to your Nitrado Webinterface
  • Access your "File Browser" in the "Tools" section
  • Go to the following: postscriptumwin > PostScriptum > ServerConfig > Admins.cfg
  • Scroll down to configure management groups. Open the file Admins.cfg in the web interface through the point Configuration files .

1. Configure groups

Groups allow you to categorize individual authorizations. For example, you can create a group "Administrator" or "Moderator", whereby these groups are assigned different authorizations.

The format for adding groups is: (List of Permissions Below)

  • Group=<Group Name>:<Permission 1>,<Permission 2>,<Permission 3>




2. Assign groups

Assigning groups is similar to creating groups. The groups are still assigned in the file Admins.cfg at the end of the file.

To assign a player to a group, you need their Steam64ID. This is an ID that Steam uses internally to identify players. You can find them on the following website:

  • https: //steamidfinder.com/

Then create a new line in the file at the end with the following format:

  • Admin = <Steam64ID>: <group name>

The following is an example:

Admin = 765611980 ########: Admin
Admin = 765611980 ########: Moderator


Once you are done with the configuration, save it and start your server. Your settings will then be adopted.


The group rights currently available are listed in a table below. These can be used to grant certain rights to certain groups, such as the use of a reserved space. Some permissions are not functional or are not currently in use. Therefore, please pay attention to the corresponding description of the authorization for more information.

Name Authorization description
balance The respective group may ignore the team balance.
ban Bans a player from the server.
cameraman Allows the player to use spectator mode.
canseeadminchat Allows you to read the administrator chat. This includes teamkill notifications, as well as notifications when an admin enters the game.
changemap Allows you to change the game map.
chat Allows you to send messages in the admin chat.
cheat Authorizes the use of cheats.
config Allows you to edit the server settings.
debug View some statistics and debugging information.
demos Allows you to create demos (Not functional).
featuretest Activate test features that have been approved by the Post Scriptum development team.
forceteamchange Allows you to force a team change.
immunity Prevents a player from this group from being kicked out.
kick Kicks a player from the server.
manageserver Allow the server to shut down.
pause Pause the current flow of the game.
private Allows you to protect the server with a password.
book Allows the use of a reserved space.
startvote - Not in use -
teamchange Disable time limits when changing teams.