Become Admin in Outlaws of the Old West

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Hello, in this page you will learn how to become an admin on your server.

Where to start?

  • Navigate to your Nitrado Web interface
  • Stop your server
  • Navigate to the General option under the settings section in the left side of the web interface
  • Enter your SteamID64 on the text box


For you to add a player to any list you'll need to insert the player's STEAM_64_ID into it, which is a long number and can be found at this website:



  • Save your settings
  • Start your server

How to activate admin?

  • While in game open the server Console using the following combination: "Shift" + "~"


  • To activate the Admin menu type ActivateAdmin in the console and press Enter


  • Press the ESC key.
  • The option Admin will appear in the menu.

Admin Menu.png

Admin Options

After entering the admin options a list will appear with all the admin options available to you

Here is the list of the options available:

Setting Description
All Players Shows a list of all players
Online players Shows a list of all online players
Add Admin Promote a player to admin from the players list
Reload Admin List Reloads the AdminList.txt file
Reload Ban List Reloads the BanList.txt file
Ban Steam ID Bans a player by typing his Steam ID
Teleport to Coordinates Teleports to a desired coordinate
Toggle Fly Mode Enables/Disables Fly mode
Toggle Invisibility Mode Enables/Disables Invisibility mode
Toggle No Clip Enables/Disables No clip mode
Set Global Message Sets a global message to the server
Increase Experience Increases the experience multiplier

Admin Options.png