Become Admin In Unturned

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Making yourself admin in Unturned is done through the webinterface of your server. We suggest the following:

  • Navigate to the webinterface of your server
  • Stop your server and wait 5 minutes
  • Navigate to settings > Config Files . Here you will find the "Commands.dat" config file.
  • The following configuration is added to the "Commands.dat"

<Member>7656XXXXXXXXXXXXX</Member> #This line is for your SteamID64

  • Save changes
  • Restart Server

Additional Information

You will need to configure your SteamID64 in order to make yourself admin. To find your SteamID64 we suggest the following:

  • Navigate to your Steam profile
  • Copy your Steam URL
  • Navigate to SteamID.IO and paste your Steam URL
    • This will bring up your information. Your SteamID64 will be ready to copy for easy access.