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[[Category: Issue spaceengineersxbox]]
[[Category: Issue spaceengineersxbox]]
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[[Category: Characteristic configuration]]
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On this page, we will share a step by step guide on how to become an admin in Space Engineers on Xbox.

Player control

The player control in the web interface of your Space Engineers Xbox server allows you to sort your players into three different user groups.


The following groups are available:

  • Moderator (**)
  • Space Master (***)
  • Admin (****)

The respective groups are marked with a corresponding number of stars.

Se-xbox playermanagementEN.png


In addition, the "Scripter" group can be activated in the General Settings:

Se-xbox scripter.png

This group is marked with only one star.

Se-xbox ranks.png

Grant permissions

To grant permissions to a player, the player must be active on the server.

With a click on the desired group, the player is automatically stored in the system with the corresponding permissions.

Remove permissions

To remove a player's permissions, just click on the button that does not have a star on it.