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[[es:Convertirse en administrador en Rust]]

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These instructions apply to the experimental / official version of Rust.

Administrators can be entered in two ways:

  • Through a RCON tool
  • Through a configuration file

The following is an explanation of both methods.

Administration tool

First you have to connect to your server using a :RCON Tool like RustAdmin. Once logged in, run the following commands:
ownerid 76561234567891011 YourNameHere Owner

  • ownerid: command
  • 76561234567891011: user's SteamID64
  • YourNameHere: user name
  • Owner: it can be anything you want, a short description is usually helpful here

Then you need to run the following command, since the previously entered administrators will only be kept until the next server restart:
This saves the entered administrators to a file on the server. (The same file as in the next section)

Configuration file

Connect to your server with an FTP tool and open the following path or file:


If the file doesn't exist, you can just create it. Make sure the file has the extension ".cfg". In the file, add the first or other line in the following format:
ownerid 76561234567891011 "YourNameHere" "Titulo"


  • If the user is on the server at the time of modification, they must log out of the server and then log back in. Only then do administrator rights work.
  • You can check the steamID64 for example using the following tool: Steam ID Finder